Refund and Returns

Yes! If an item was damaged or broken during the shipping process you may contact us for an exchange.We will ask you to send back the item and we will proceed to ship you, free of charge, a new item. You must pay the return fee and we will pay the replacement fee.

Unfortunately, sometimes carriers lose or orders and this can be VERY frustrating. Please let me apologize for such an unfortunate situation.

Sadly, a lost package that has no tracking number is nearly impossible to find. And to add to this sad situation, I as the seller cannot send a lost package claim to my postal carrier, which means I cannot insure your package. Which means I cannot offer any refunds for lost non tracked package.

Please choose a shipping options that includes tracking! This way I can help you throughout the shipping process and possibly offer you a refund for any of your lost orders! 

Hiokleo Market will accept to send you a partial refund in the following conditions:

1- Customer's order MUST have a tracking number. Orders that do NOT have a tracking number are not insured by the seller (Hiokleo Market) and there for cannot be claimed by the buyer or the seller. Items that do not have tracking are there for completely under the buyer's responsibility as I, the seller, cannot help you recover your order if it is lost. Any order that DOES have a tracking number can be tracked and therefor either found or have proof of issue. These types of orders are eligible to seller insurance and therefor I can offer you a refund on the totality of your items. ( SHIPPING WILL NOT BE REFUNDED AS IT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE POSTAL OFFICE AND I, HIOKLEO MARKET, MAKE NO PROFIT ON THE SHIPPING. ONCE THE ITEM IS SHIPPED, I CAN NO LONGER REFUND THE SHIPPING PRICE.) Please make sure that you choose a TRACKING option when ordering if you want your order to be covered and be eligible to a refund.

2- Your order is Lost. Orders that are considered lost need to be under the following conditions: - Order has been in transit for over 60 business days. - Order has not been scanned for over 60 business days.king number does not show as "DELIVERED" after 30 business days or understood shipping time. If your order has been stuck in transit for over 60 working days, we can consider your order lost.

Please contact me at so we can assess the situation.

Let me start by apologizing about this. Sometimes, orders are delivered in the wrong places or have been stolen and it really sucks!

Can you get refunded for a lost "delivered" package?

Unfortunately, the short answer is No. The buyer's responsibility falls off once the order has been marked as delivered by the shipping provider such as USPS or Canada post. This means that as a seller, we can no longer send out a claim for your lost order.

So what do I do if my order was delivered but is missing?

Well here are a few things you can do in order to locate your package.

1- Ask neighbors or building complex neighbors if they my have received your order by mistake. This is VERY common and is well worth doing if you haven't received your delivered order.

2- Look around your house. Back doors, side entries, alternative areas your order could of been dropped by the shipping provider.

3- Look around your house in case the order has fallen behind items or maybe down the porch. Sometimes, orders can fall in places we least expect. Take a quick look around!

4- Call your local post office to see if maybe they have any information for you. SOMETIMES, carriers mark items as delivered when in reality they only will be 1 to 3 days later.

5- If all else fails, it's possible your order has been stolen by a package thief in your neighborhood. Contact your local authorities to see what can be done in your particular case.


Orders can be delivered as early as 3 business days for Canadien and American customers and as late as 60 business days for international customers. If your order has been missing for over 60 working business days, please contact me at so we can see if you are eligible for a refund on your items or if I can do anything to find your order!

COVID 19: We are aware that many orders are not arriving on time due to the shipping issues caused by the pandemic. To avoid lost packages we RECOMMEND buyers to choose shipping options with tracking. This way if anything goes wrong, you are insured! Please keep this in mind when ordering and waiting for your order!

Hiokleo Market is located in Canada! We ship all order out from our little studio office!

Yes, I offer shipping options for both US customers and International customers!

Unfortunately, due to the recent tax and laws in the UK and EU, I can no longer ship to these locations via this store! Very sorry.

We like to ship out our orders every two weeks at the very least. We try to ship out all orders between 7 to 12 business days after purchase. The earlier the better!

Some exceptions are holidays, sick days and covid 19 restrictions in our local area. Any exceptions will be marked on the front page of the Hiokleo Market!